Jharkhand Board Class 9TH English Notes | THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST  

JAC Board Solution For Class 9TH English S Reader Chapter 9

                      Long Answer Type Quesions

■ Answer these questions in about 80-100 words each :―
Q.1. Why does the author never get his frequent flyer miles?
Ans. The author is keen to be the frequent flyer miles. In this
respect a card is issued to the travelling person indicating the
distance. While travelling, the author puts his card with him but
he could not find it well in time. This causes a real frustration in
the mind of the author. Once he desires to have a flight of 1,00,000
miles a year. Thus he was accumulated 212 air miles duly divided
between twenty three airlines. The author had a card in the name
of W. Bryson. During the check-in-programme, the clerk informed
that he is not entitled for the same while going to Australia. The
author showed his card to the clerk but he told that he was not
eligible for. He told that the card belonged to W. Bryson and the
ticket was for B. Bryson. The author tried to explain close
relationship between Bill and William but all in vain. So the author
did not get his air miles.

Q. 2. How did the zip create troubles for the author while
travelling in an aeroplane?
Ans. The author is easily confused while travelling in an
aeroplane. One day he was flying to England with his family. At
Logan Airport in Boston they were checking-in-programme. His
card was in his bag which had a zip. By chance the zip on the bag
was sjammed. So he pulled on it and roared. He tried again but it
did not budge from its point. In the end the zip gave way and
pierced in his fingers. Thereby the blood came in with great force.
He was much confused and troubled. While pulling the zip harder,
the side of the bag flow open. Most of his items like newspaper
cuttings, loose papers, tobacco pipe, magazines came over on the
open ground in the airport. The author went on watching everything
like a dumb-struck person. His coins and the tin of tobacco rolled
overt there. The author was much troubled that the tobacco would
cost more in England. His budget would be in trouble. Thus the
zip caused a great trouble to Bill Bryson.

Q. 3. Describe the incident relating to the opening of the zip
of the carry-on bag by the author.
Ans. The author was checking in the Logan Airport in Boston.
He with his family was going to London. He knew that he had put
his card in his carry-on bag. It hung round his neck. The zip was
jammed. He pulled it harder. It gave way. The side of the bag flew
open. The newspaper cuttings, tin of pipe tobacco, magazines,
passport, money, film etc., came down on the floor. The documents
flew here and there. Coins jumped. The tobacco tin opened up.
The author got his finger injured. There was a deep wound in it.
Blood started flowing. His wife was in great surprise.

Q. 4. What was the author's 'worst experience on a plane
Ans. On a plane flight the author was writing his thoughts in
a notebook. He was writing 'Buy socks', Clutch drinks carefully
etc., in it. He was sucking on the end of his pen. He fell into a talk
with an attractive young lady in the next seat. He was talking in an
urban tone as the situation demanded. He remained talking with
her for about twenty minutes. He went to the lavatory after that.He
saw that the pen had leaked. His mouth, chin, tongue, teeth and
gums had gone navy blue. They remained so for several days as
the ink won't disappear. This was the author's 'worst experience'.

                         Short Answer Type Quesions

■ Answer these questions in about 30-40 words each:―
Q. 1. Bill Bryson says, "I am, in short, easily confused",
What examples has he given to justify this?
Ans. To prove this, Bill Bryson gives various examples, e.g.
to search for lavatory in a cinema and get locked in a self locking
door and to ask for his room number in the hotel two to three times
in a day.

Q. 2. What happens when the zip of his carry on bag gives
Ans. At that time, he watches the things falling out completely
surprised. He is shocked to see his tobacco tin getting emptied. He
shouts 'my tobacco' then 'my finger' as he gashes his finger on the

Q. 3. Why is his finger bleeding? What is his wife's reaction?
Ans. He has got his finger hurt while struggling with the zip.
So it is bleeding. His wife is simply surpised over all this and can
not believe that he earns his livelihood by this.

Q.4. How does Bill Bryson end up in a "crash position" in
the aircraft?
Ans. During the flight, Bill gets down to tie his shoelace.
Right then, the person on his front seat throws the seat backward
into full recline. Thus he ends up in crash position'.

Q.5. Why do his teeth and gums look 'navy blue"?
Ans. He is writing something and starts sucking the pen
thoughtfully. The pens leaks up and this, his teeth and gums look
'navy blue.

Q.6. Bill Bryson "acted to be suave". Is he successful in his
mission? List his 'unsuave' ways.
Ans. No, he does not get success in his mission to look suave.
His 'unsuave ways' are - having food as of undergoing a seismic
event, closing the door of the car with 14 inches coat outside.
sitting on the split gums, ice creams etc while wearing light coloured

Q. 7. Why do you think Bill Bryson's wife says to the
children," Take the lids off the food for Daddy"?
Ans. Bili Bryson spills a lot while serving or taking food in
this plate. Even children are more careful and in order. Therefore,
she asks children to do things for him.

Q. 8. What is the significance of the title?
Ans. Bili Bryson is not a good tourist. He has no control over
his activities and keeps things spilling here and there. He is not
made to be a tourist. Thus he is an accidental tourist'.

Q.9. What did the author say his worst experience on flight
Ans. According to the author, once he started sucking his pen
while writing important thoughts. After 20 minutes he found his
mouth, chin, tongue, teeth and gums coloured. It was his worst
experience on a flight.

Q. 10. Why does the author not eat or drink when he is
flying alone.?
Ans. The author's hands play prank with him, fly in the air and
create a mischief or mess while drinking or eating. So he does not
eat or drink when he is flying alone.

Q. 11. Why was the author 'dumbstruck' at the Logan
Airport when he was checking in?
Ans. The author injured his finger while pulling the zip of his
bag. The bag's contents lay spread over a large area. His tobacco
tin, magazines, money, passport, etc., lay before him. His documents
flew here and there. He was 'dumbstruck'.

Q.12. Why was the author pinned on the floor once when he
flew in an aeroplane?
Ans. Once the author was flying in an aeroplane. He was
learning over to tie his shoelace. But suddenly someone pulled
his seat back. He got knocked over. He was in a crash position.

Q.13. Why did the author fly differently after his confused
'accidents'? How?
Ans. The author caused inconveniences to his fellow-travellers
in an aeroplane. He now flew without eating, drinking, or learning
over his shoelace. He did so when he flew alone. He just sat quietly.
This was to save himself from any trouble.

Q. 14. What examples does the author give in the beginning
that he is forgetful?
Ans. The author forgets to find out the lavatory in a cinema.
He goes to look for this. He ends up standing in a small street. He
also forgets his room number in a hotel.

Q.15. How did the author injure his finger? What happened
Ans. The author wanted to open the zip of his carry-on bag.
But its zip was jammed. He pulled at it. His finger got injured. A
lot of blood started flowing.



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