Jharkhand Board Class 9TH English Notes | THE BEGGAR 

  JAC Board Solution For Class 9TH English S Reader Chapter 10 

                         Long Answer Type Quesions

■ Answer these questions in about 80-100 words each :―
Q. 1. Give a character-sketch of Beggar and the changes
at took place in him during the course of the story.
Ans. The beggar was a pitiable character. We saw many shades
in him as the story progressed. We saw him standing infront of the
Sergei asking for food. He manipulated a story to gain sympathy
of Sergei who was an advocate. Sergei recognised him as the same
beggar who was begging two days before but with different story
Lushkoffwas drunkard. Due to excessive drinking, he became
jobless. But Sergei gave him the opportunity to change. He gave
him some job so that he could change. But the lady Olga ultimately
was able to change his heart. Her selfless concern for him inspired
him to give up begging. He then realized and was awakened to a
right path. He became a notary and earned 35 roubles a month.
Thus a good change came in him from beggar to notary in
the course of the whole story.

Q. 2. How was the beggar changed into a nice man?
Ans. Lushkoff, the beggar, was a drunkard. He begged on the
roads. He did not want to work. He met Sergei twice. He told a lie
that he had been a student and a village school teacher. His lies
were discovered. Sergei threatened him to send the police. He
admitted the truth. Sergei offered him the job of chopping wood
for him. He hesitantly accepted it. Olga, the cook, cut wood for
him. Sergei offered him other cleaner employment. He sent him to
his friend with a letter. He would be given some copying to do as
he could write. Olga would sit opposite him and grow sad. She
looked into his face and wept. She also scolded him. She used to
chop the wood for him. He never cut wood. At this, his heart changed
and he stopped drinking. She set him on the right path. He was a
notary then.

Q.3. Why was lushkoff indebted to Sergei?
Ans. Lushkoff was begging on the road. He told a lie.
Sometimes he said he was as student who had been expelled.
Sometimes he would say he was a village school teacher. He lost
his job. He had nothing to eat. Sergei recognised him. He had seen
him somewhere before. threatened him to send for the police.
Then he accepted that he was telling a lie. Sergei gave him work to
do. He set him on the right path. So Lushkoff was indebted to

Q. 4. Describe the first meeting between Sergei and lushkoft.
How did Sergei help lushkoff?
Ans. One day Sergei heard a beggar invite the attention of the
public. The beggar was in rags. He had a fawn-coloured overcoat.
He had dull, drunken eyes. He said that he had not eaten for three
days. He had been a school teacher for eight years. But he had to
lose his job because of bad plans. Sergei recognized the beggar.
He had met him the day before yesterday in Sadovya Street. Then
he had told that he was a student. When Sergei became hard,
Lushkoff, the beggar, spoke the truth. He told that he had been
telling lies. Lushkoff told Sergei that he had no work. But Sergei
asked him if he would chop wood for him. But Lushkoff didn't
seem serious to do the work. However, Sergei asked him again if
he would do the work. He agreed to do that work. Clearly, he had
agreed to work due to sense of pride and shame.

Q.5. Describe how Olga helped Lushkoff to be a real man.
Ans. It was Olga the cook who really helped Lushkoffto be a
real man. But Sergei is also responsible to a great extent. If he had
not brought Lushkoff home, Olga wouldn't have done anything.
Lushkoff himself admitted that it was Olga who brought a change
of heart in him by her noble deeds. She would rebuke Lushkoff
and then call him various names. Then she would grow sad. She
would look into his face and weep. She then would chop the wood
for him. Lushkoff himself admitted before Sergei that he didn't
chop a single stick of wood for him. Olga did everything for
Lushkoff without any selfish motive. This naturally brought about
a change in Lushkoff's heart. And he was set right. Thus he said
that he won't forget her.

Q. 6. What happened when Sergei moved into another house?
Ans. When Sergei moved into another house, he hired Lushkoff
to help in the packing and carrying the furnit Now he was
serious and silent. He did practically nothing and did not pretend
to be busy. He became nervous when the carters mocked at him.
They did so for his idleness and ragged fancy coat. After the work
was over, Sergei gave him a rouble. He also offered him a cleaner
employment. Sergei asked him to take his letter to a friend. He
would give him some work. Sergei also told him to work hard and
not to drink. Thereafter, Lushkoff did not turn up for work.

                     Short Answer Type Quesions

■ Answer these questions in about 30-40 words each :―
Q. 1. Has Lushkoff become a beggar by circumstance or by
Ans. Lushkoff was a middle aged man. He used to beg in a
very polished manner. He wore the ragged, fawn-coloured overcoat.
His face was dull and there were red spots on his cheeks. He
pretended for a school teacher or a student. He was obliged to
become a beggar by circumstances. Earlier he belonged to the
Russian Choir. Finding him a state of drunkeness, he was sacked.
So he took to begging on one or the other excuse.

Q. 2. What reasons does he give to Sergei for his telling
Ans. Lushkoff accepted before Sergei that he was telling lies.
He told that he was neither a school teacher nor a student. Formerly
he used to sing in a Russian Choir. He was sent away for drunkeness.
He had no alternate but to tell lies. He told that he would not get
anything if he had spoken the truth. So he had to tell lies to earn
his living.

Q. 3. Is Lushkoff a willing worker? Why then does he agree
to chop wood for Sergei?
Ans. Lushkoffin not a willing worker. His strength and stamina
had gone due to old age. There are two reasons for agreeing to
chop wood for Sergei. It was because of pride and shame, he agreed
to work. Secondly he had trapped in his own words becauses of
telling lies in one way or the other. So he had no means but to
agree to chop wood for Sergei.

Q. 4. Sergei says, "I am happy that my words have taken
effect". Why does he say so? Is he right in saying this?
Ans. Sergei hires Lushkaffto help in the packing and hauling
of the furniture when he shifted to another house. He find the
beggar sober and silent and sad looking. He misunderstands him
and pays him a trouble for his pains. The fact is that the beggar did
not even touch the furniture.

Q.5. Lushkoffis earning thirty-five roubles a month. How
is he obliged to Sergei for this?
Ans. Lushkoff starts earning 35 roubles a month as a notary.
Sergeti takes credit for the remarkable change in the one-time
alcoholic beggar. He is delighted and he thanks Heaven. Lushkoff
expresses gratitude to Sergei for the protection and a break in life.
He thanks Sergei for pulling him out of a pit.

Q. 6. Why did the carters make fun of Lushkoff ?
Ans. Sergei had called him for packing. But Lushkoff could
not do anything. He only removed the snow and put the woodshed
in order. He only walked behind the wagons with his head down.
The carters made fun of him for his idleness, his physical weakness
and his tattered overcoat.

Q. 7. Where did Sergei send Lushkoft? What advice did he
give him?
Ans. Sergei sent him to his friend. He requested his friend to
give Lushkoff the work of writing. He advised Lushkoff to work
hard and to give up drinking.

Q. 8. How did Olga save Lushkoff ?
Ans. Olga used to curse Lushkofffor his being a beggar and
drunkard. She thin wept for his sake. She used to chop all the wood
for Lushkoff. Her words and noble deeds transform his heart.

Q.9. How did the beggar invite the attention of Sergei?
Ans. The beggar created pity by his pitiful remarks. Secondly
Sergei had seen him earlier. The beggar said that he was poor and
hungry. He had been a school teacher for eight years. But he fell a
victim to intrigues. He was in rags also.

Q. 10. Why did the beggar accept to do chopping work for
Sergei ?
Ans. The beggar didn't accept the work simply because he
was hungry and wanted work. It was that he accepted it from a
sense of pride and shame. Then he had also been trapped by his
own words. He was weak and had no feeling to work.

Q. 11. What different work did the beggar do for Sergei?
Ans. The beggar cut wood on the first day of each month. Now
he would shovel snow. He would put the wood-shed in order.
Then he would beat the dust out of rugs and mattresses.

Q. 12. Describe the meeting between Sergei and Lushkoff
after two years.
Ans. Sergei met Lushkoff after two years. One evening Sergei
was standing at the ticket window of a theatre. He had come to see
the play there. He then noticed a little man beside him. He had a
coat collar of curly fur and a sealskin cap.

Q. 13. How did Olga really make Lushkoff a real man?
Ans. It was really olga who had made Lushkoff a rea'man. She
rebuked him and called him different names. Then she would sit
down opposite to him and grow sad. Then she would look into his
face and weep. Then she would chop the wood for him.



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